After Bullied in Liverpool, Bobby Duncan Successfully Moved into Fiorentina.

Liverpool officially announced that they had released their young striker, Bobby Duncan. It was a permanent contract that he would play in the Serie A club Fiorentina. It was a long and tough negotiation, as Liverpool constantly refuse the Fiorentina proposal. Duncan and his agent were frustrated that they don’t like how Liverpool treat Duncan. Besides Fiorentina, a Danish club, FC Nordsjaelland also have shown interest in him. However, Liverpool rejected with contempt, that Duncan representative accused Liverpool of Liverpool’s bad treatment.

The price of the transfer was half million euros, with one million euros bonus if he performs well. Other than that, Liverpool also has to receive twenty percent of Duncan’s sale value in the future. The duration of La Viola’s contract was estimated for three years.

Before the deal, Fiorentina had bid worth about two million euros loan fees. But Liverpool had rejected the derisory bid.

Steven Gerrard’s Cousin

Bobby Duncan is the cousin of Liverpool Legend, Steven Gerrard. He just played one season for the reds, but he got much mental stress. Before playing from Liverpool, he learned football in Manchester city, before moving into Liverpool Academy last season. Liverpool is his dream of boyhood club.he moves to Liverpool, expecting to join the first-team opportunities. agen judi bola online

With Liverpool Academy, he productively scored 32 goals. He even played on the main squad of the pre-season matches. In July, he scored in the 6-0 friendly match with Tranmere. He also showed superb performance at under 18 levels. His tandem with Glatzel resulted in the Liverpool trophy of FA youth cup for the first time after 12 years.

The uncertainty Stressed Duncan

Duncan’s representative was concerned about Duncan’s mental health. He was so affected by the uncertainty of his future. The mental health issue was causing him missed the under-23 game against Southampton. He was told by the club that he could leave. But on the contrary, every proposal that wanted to pick him up was rejected. It was not about the small salary, but about the uncertainty that he has. Duncan expressed that paying the fine is not a problem, it won’t change anything since his salary is small. Because of the stress, Duncan has not left his room for four days and might be never going back to Liverpool again.

There is another dispute with Manchester City. Under different agents, he was promised to take part in Liverpool’s senior squad. But he was rarely played for the first-team squad.

Liverpool Deny the bullying

Liverpool was disappointed by the unfounded allegation. Liverpool insists that the statement is inaccurate and the allegation is groundless. Liverpool responds the statement late, stating that such comments are inappropriate for public. They will work privately with the player to find resolution.

Arriving in Artemio Franchi Stadium, Duncan seems to be happy. But the Liverpool fans seem disappointed with the transfer. They expected that Duncan could continue as his uncle to be the legend in Liverpool. Despite the bully, Duncan expressed his gratitude for all parties on Liverpool’s behalf via Instagram.

Mkhitaryan Opens a New Chapter on AS Roma

Mkhitaryan could breathe freely as he the deal with AS Roma is clear. He will be playing for AS Roma as loan. The loan contract is just one season long, but the contract could be extended. The loan price is three million euros, with hundred thousand euro as bonus if he performed well. AS Roma gladly confirmed that they had recruited him for a season. 

AS Roma gives him the number 77 on his uniform. That number had been used by the AS Roma Legend, Marco Cassetti. Henrikh Mktharian is one of the eleven AS Roma’s transfer this summer transfer window. AS Roma had spent 109 Million euros in total for this summer transfer window.

Arsenal doesn’t favor Mkhitaryan

Emery Unai just had brought in Dani Cabellos from Real Madrid. From the debut, Dani has just passed two assists and made Emery amazed with his performance. By Dani’s arrival, the playing portion for Mkhitaryan was estimated to be cut.

On many occasions, Mkhitaryan wasn’t included as the main player. Even so, his performance also inviting complaints. His shots and passes are inaccurate, and moreover he loses the ball often. The last arsenal match against Tottenham Hotspur also proved that he was incapable to play well. Although much of the culprit was the Emery’s defensive tactic, Mkhitaryan also took his role in that drawn match.

Arsenal had more chances to win because Tottenham’s defense is not in their best shape. The right-back Kyle Walkers Peters, and the midfielder Tanguy Ndombele are both injured and could not defend their team. But this opportunity wasn’t exploited by Emery. Instead, he was putting the midfielder to be all defensive.

As a result, Arsenal fell behind 2-0. At that moment, Mkhitaryan was expected to give the best performance, but he often loses his ball possession and shoot inaccurately. Luckily, Auba Menyang saved Arsenal by equalizing the score. The derby match ended draw 2-2. Both teams have to share the same points. The match on 1 September was not bad, as Arsenal was managed to save their position on the fifth position of the premier league standing. While Tottenham is down in the ninth position.

Bad luck in Premier League

The overall Mkhtaryan career was bad. After Manchester United bought him from Borussia Dortmund, his performance dropped. It’s not like when he played on Borussia Dortmund. He could only score 13 goals from 63 matches. Because of that, Manchester United swapping him for Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal. 

After the exchange, Mktaryan’s performance wasn’t that good either. But it seems like he is thriving in Arsenal. Unluckily, he got an injury that prevents him to show his ultimate performance. Emery often put him in the back, losing the attacking midfielder position for Mesut Ozil, Ramsey, and Iwobi.

Mkhitaryan will flourish in AS Roma

Mkhitaryan confessed that he was glad to play for the capital wolf. He commits to devote his ultimate performance. He is sure to achieve big things with Roma’s giant club. He said that he won’t waste the new opportunity with the new club. Being trained by various coaches, from Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, and Emery Unai, he had learned many things. Rome is a new atmosphere for him, but he’s sure to get his glory back just like in Dortmund. daftar sbobet online